Snapshot of 2019 Winterset in Summer Festival

“Flight and its Allegories”

The Festival began on August 8th with a high-flying event in the celebrated International Departure Lounge of Gander Airport. Known as a near-perfectly preserved 1959 gem, it is widely considered to be one of the most important Modernist rooms in Canada. The lounge is home to Kenneth Lochhead’s mural, “Flight and Its Allegories”. Writer Jane Urquhart used the mural as inspiration for her book The Night Stages. Jane read from The Night Stages and Mireille Eagan, Art Gallery Curator at The Rooms, provided an interpretation of the mural.

Readers/Writers: Jane Urquhart

Host: Mireille Eagan

Jazz musicians Al Henderson and Florian Hoefner offered musical entertainment for this event.

“Fly Girls”

The first panel discussion, “Fly Girls” with Jane Urquhart and Larry Dohey, was hosted by Jamie Fitzpatrick. It featured the role women played in aviation.

Readers/Writers: Jane Urquhart, Larry Dohey

Host: Jamie Fitzpatrick

“Lyrical Voices”

Larry Foley, Andrea Monro, and Sherry Ryan delivered an evening that was both entertaining and informative. These talented musicians performed their original work and discussed what inspires them to write and perform.

Singers/Songwriters: Larry Foley, Andrea Monro, Sherry Ryan

Host: Tom Allen (CBC’s Shift)

“New Voices”

WiS, in keeping with its mandate to promote and support this province’s emerging writers, selects three new voices to participate in Saturday afternoon’s “New Voices” panel. This event provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to hear promising new writers read from and discuss their work, the struggles of getting published and a myriad of details that inspired them to become “writers”.

Readers/Writers: Terry Doyle, Susan Sinnott, Susie Taylor

Host: Heather Barrett

“Gander and Aviation”

Saturday morning’s panel featured Gander resident Glen Cooper, writers Gary Collins and Jamie Fitzpatrick (a Gander native) in discussion with host Glen Carter on how flight and aviation created a town.

Readers/Writers: Glen Cooper, Gary Collins, Jamie Fitzpatrick

Host: Glen Carter

“CBC’S Weekend AM”

Host: Heather Barrett

Host Heather Barrett  broadcast Weekend AM live from the Beaches Arts & Heritage Centre. Interviews with writers, musicians, Festival patrons and local residents made this a must-hear event. 

“BMO Winterset Award Voices”

Eleanor Wachtel hosted this popular event, featuring the three BMO Winterset Award finalists for 2018. The finalists and award winner, Heather Smith, read from their work and engaged in conversation about various aspects of their writing, their inspirations, and their life experiences as published authors.

Readers/Writers: Melissa Barbeau, Robert Chafe, Heather Smith

Host: Eleanor Wachtel

“Royal Canadian Legion Fish Supper”

The Royal Canadian Legion hosted its famous fish supper. Two sittings: 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. This was an independent event.

“The Future of Democracy”

Gwynn Dyer 2019The Festival concluded Sunday afternoon with internationally-acclaimed (and Newfoundland-born) journalist, Gwynne Dyer, in discussion with Dr. Noreen Golfman on “The Future of Democracy.”

Readers/Writers: Gwynne Dyer

Host: Noreen Golfman

“Local Hikes (3)”

Following on the very successful Botanical Walks (2017) and the Geology Walks (2018), WiS  arranged 3 hikes on the new Damnable Trail Network. This showcased the scenic beauty of the Eastport Peninsula while offering a guided walk through these newly developed trails. 

2019 Sponsors & Supporters 

Principal Sponsors

  • BMO – Bank of Montreal
  • Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C.M., O.N.L, LLD (hc)
  • Gander International Airport Authority

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

  • ArtsNL – Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council
  • Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

Government of Canada

  • Department of Canadian Heritage


  • Community Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Penguin Random House Canada Limited


  • Susan Weiser

2019 – Festival Friends

  • Rob Andrews & Robin Kind
  • Betty Badcock
  • Jane Baird & Richard Sharp
  • Peter & Jean Blackie
  • Carol Daley & Darrell Boone
  • Stephen Bornstein
  • Kay Bradley & Freeman Rumbolt
  • Emma Butler
  • Rosann Cashin Nichol
  • Sheila Curran
  • Easton Hillier Lawrence Innes Law Offices
  • Jim & Susan Fallon
  • Tom & Susan Foran
  • Rob & Jennifer Gill
  • Noreen Golfman
  • John & Jennifer Guy
  • Carol Bishop-Gwyn
  • Richard Gwyn
  • Bernice & Tom Hallett
  • Al & Mary Henderson
  • Paul & Nancy Hickey
  • Robert & Marjorie Hiscock
  • Kathy Hodder
  • Sue & Dan Levert
  • Pat & Tolson Parsons
  • Yvonne Pevie
  • Lisa Rae & Peter Pickersgill
  • Alan Pickersgill
  • Ruth Preston & Kevin White
  • Bill & Penny Rowe
  • Barbara Ryan
  • Mary Deanne Shears
  • Susan Sherk
  • Gerry & Barbara Shortall
  • Randy & Gladys Street
  • Patrick & Joanne Thompson
  • Virginia Trieloff
  • Leslie Vryenhoek
  • Gerri Woodford
  • Albert & Joyce White

Outreach 2019

2019 – Jennifer Morgan TNNP Children’s Writer

From August 5-8, WIS again  partnered with Terra Nova National Park in a Children’s Writer in the Park Outreach event for 2019. For the past several years WiS has provided a writer for a 4-day program in TNNP at the children’s activity centre; WiS provides the writer and TNNP provides the venue and accommodations. Additionally, the writer hosts an afternoon event in Eastport. The 2019 writer in residence was Jennifer Morgan.

“It was June 1919 and a real live Vickers Vimy bomber was parked in the field behind Ralphie’s house. But when Mr. Alcock and Mr. Brown were finally ready, everyone took off running. That’s when Ralphie, slowed down by his limp and cane, thought he would miss out on the most important event of his young life…”

Jennifer Morgan is a storyteller, illustrator, and printmaker from St. John’s. At 2 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6th she’ll be telling her family story about her great-uncle Ralph Moyst. This story is based on the chapter book by her father, George M. Morgan: “Alcock and Brown and the Boy in The Middle” (Tuckamore, 1994) which Jennifer illustrated.

Jennifer also lead a walk looking for flat things in nature, then participants made a cyanotype photographs from their discoveries. These photographs create a blue outline of the silhouetted object. Cyanotypes are a good activity for all ages.

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