Lisa Moore’s Writing Workshop

Friday and Saturday, August 9-10
at 10 am 

Exclusive registration.
The group (maximum 15) will convene Friday and Saturday, August 9-10 at 10 am and Sunday, August 11 at 10:30 am.


Lisa Moore’s Writing Workshop


For the first two days the group will meet with workshop leader Lisa Moore. On the third day, the group will make a presentation on stage at the Beaches Centre to our Winterset audience hosted by Jennifer Guy.

Instructions for applying to the workshop: Write a flash fiction piece (500 words) with only two characters. Both characters have loved each other since childhood, but are involved in a conflict over who owns an object extremely important to both characters because of its sentimental value. Do not mention the object! Over the course of a very fractious half-hour visit it will be determined who gets to keep the object. The decision will end the friendship forever. Include one flashback to ten years before, and one flashback to two days before. Change point of view three times. Absolutely no longer than 500 words. Most important: Have fun! You can’t go wrong, even if you (special hint) bend the rules. 

Submit your flash fiction piece in WORD to by May 17, 2024.

Important: do not sign your fiction piece or leave any indication of authorship. All submissions will be vetted anonymously. 

Participants will be chosen and notified one week after submission. 

Workshop participation fee: $50

Where: Sandy Cove Hall, 99 Sandy Cove Road

When: Friday and Saturday, August 9-10, 10:00 am

About Lisa & Jennifer

LISA MOORE is the author of the novels, Alligator, February, Caught, This is How We Love and the young adult novel Flannery. She has also written the story collections Degrees of NakednessOpen, and Something for Everyone. She has co-written a work of creative non-fiction, along with Jack Whalen, called Invisible Prisons, forthcoming September, 2024 with Knopf. Lisa has edited several story anthologies and co-edited two collections of scholarly essays. Her work has been translated in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Greek.  She loves teaching creative writing. 

(photo credit: Ned Pratt)
(photo credit: Ned Pratt)

JENNIFER GUY was part of a small team of Toronto based women organized by Richard Gwyn to raise funds for the Winterset Award (now the BMO Winterset Award) a quarter of a century ago. She then joined the team which founded the Winterset in Summer Literary Festival. She served as Board member and remains an engaged supporter of the festival. She is thrilled to see the growth and continued success of all events associated with Winterset.