Snapshot of 2017 Winterset in Summer Festival

“The River of My Dreams: A Portrait of Gordon Pinsent”

This film presentation is a pre-opening special event. 

“Canadiana Voices” 

This event is hosted by  Ramona Dearing as she talks to award-winning Canadian authors Anakana Schofield, Esi Edugyan and Elisabeth de Mariaffi about their influences and writing habits, the impact of being nominated for and winning awards and the pressures of writing in the spotlight.

Readers/Writers: Anakana Schofield, Esi Edugyan, Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Host: Ramona Dearing

“Book Launch – “Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge”

Pam Hall will launch her new book Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge, published by Breakwater Books 2017.

Readers/Writers: Pam Hall

“Sci-Fi in Eastport”

Science Fiction authors Kenneth Tam, Janet McNaughton and Susan MacDonald chat with host Mack Furlong about their writing lives, their inspiration and their love for the written word.

Readers/Writers: Kenneth Tam, Janet McNaughton, Susan MacDonald

Host: Mack Furlong

“Interactive Colouring Book Session”

Hosted by Catherine Hogan Safer this session will feature colouring book artists Jennifer Morgan, Dawn Baker and Kathy Sweetapple. The venue for this hands on session is the Society of United Fishermen Hall, Eastport

Plays/Events: Jennifer Morgan, Dawn Baker, Kathy Sweetapple.

Host: Catherine Hogan Safer

“Lyrical Voices”

Jamie Fitzpatrick will host this informal session with two emerging song writers, Nick Earle and Joseph Coffin, focusing on the challenges of breaking into the arts scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Singers/Songwriters: Nick Earle, Joseph Coffin

Host: Jamie Fitzpatrick

“Wild Plants of Sandy Cove – # 2”

Botanist and author Todd Boland will lead a lively and spirited walk through a local trail in Sandy Cove. 

Host: Todd Boland

“Wild Plants of Sandy Cove”

Botanist and author Todd Boland will lead a lively and spirited walk through a local trail in Sandy Cove. 

Host: Todd Boland


A panel of local experts will look at the life of Joseph Smallwood: Bert Riggs will present a 15 minute talk about Smallwood the writer, followed by a discussion on Smallwood the propagandist and politician featuring Bill Rowe and Ron Crocker. This session is hosted by Anne Budgell.

Readers/Writers: Bert Riggs, Bill Rowe, Ron Crocker

Host: Anne Budgell

“Festival Community Reception”

Immediately following BMO Winterset Award Voices, the Festival Committee is pleased to invite all Winterset in Summer event audiences to attend a reception in the Centre’s Foyer where they will have an opportunity to meet this year’s writers, artists, musicians and panel hosts.

Host: Patricia Parsons and the Board of Directors

“BMO Winterset Award Voices”

Join the 2016 BMO Winterset Award finalists Robert Chafe, Michael Crummey and Paul Rowe as they talk about their respective works with Winterset’s founding host Michael Enright.

Readers/Writers: Robert Chafe, Michael Crummey.Paul Rowe

Host: Michael Enright

“Royal Canadian Legion Fish Supper”

The Royal Canadian Legion will be hosting its famous fish supper. Two sittings: 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.This is an independent event. 

“Lady Cove Women’s Choir in Concert”

Performing regularly to sold-out audiences, Lady Cove has garnered a national and international reputation for excellence, not only for its high level of performance but also for its innovation and creativity. The concert will include the premiere of a commissioned Beothuk-themed composition by St. John’s native Kathleen Allan (composer, conductor, soprano), inspired by Bernice Morgan’s Cloud of Bone.

The venue for this concert is Holy Cross Church, Eastport. This wooden church with its high vaulted ceilings and wonderful acoustics is the perfect location to enjoy this very special concert.

“Lunchtime Readings”

Local writer Elisabeth de Mariaffi will read from her first thriller, The Devil You Know. Catherine Hogan Safer will join her reading from her collection of short stories, Wild Pieces. This session is facilitated by Eleanor Dawson.

Readers/Writers: Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Catherine Hogan Safer

Host: Eleanor Dawson (facilitator)


Join storytellers Paul Dean, Mary Fearon, Dave Paddon and host Chris Brookes as they delight us by putting their observations and experiences into story form; reminiscing about days gone by or just telling a funny tale.

Readers/Writers: Paul Dean, Mary Fearon, Dave Paddon

Host: Chris Brookes

2017 Sponsors

2017 – Principal Sponsors

  • BMO – Bank of Montreal
  • Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C.M., O.N.L, LLD (hc)
  • Penguin Random House Canada

2017 – Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

  • ArtsNL – Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council
  • Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation

2017 – Government of Canada

  • Department of Canadian Heritage

2017 – Festival Friends

  • Betty Badcock
  • Peter Blackie
  • Darrell Boone & Carol Daley
  • Kay Bradley & Freeman Rumbolt
  • Susan Carter
  • Sheila Curran
  • Easton Hillier Lawrence Innes Law Offices
  • Tom & Susan Foran
  • Emma Butler Gallery
  • Jennifer & Robert Gill
  • Noreen Golfman
  • John & Jennifer Guy
  • Richard Gwyn & Carol Bishop Gwyn
  • Al & Mary Henderson
  • Bernice & Tom Hallett
  • Georgina Hedges
  • Marina & Dwight Hewlett
  • Kathy Hodder
  • Allen McAfee
  • Rosann Cashin Nichol
  • Tolson & Pat Parsons
  • Peter and Lisa Pickersgill
  • William & Penelope Rowe
  • Barbara Ryan
  • Jane Baird & Richard Sharp
  • Mary Deanne Shears
  • Susan Sherk
  • Gerry & Barbara Shortall
  • Gladys & Randy Street
  • Virginia Trieloff
  • Albert & Joyce White
  • Geraldine Woodford

2017 – Donors/Supporters

  • Diamond Design
  • Brenda Primmer

Outreach 2017

Janet McNaughton Writer in residence at Terra Nova National Park’s Activity Centre

Winterset in Summer and Terra Nova National Park will again partner to provide a writer in residence at the Park’s Activity Centre from Monday, August 7th to Thursday, August 10th inclusive. This year’s writer in residence is Janet McNaughton.

Janet McNaughton’s twelve books for young readers include historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and picture books. Most recently, she co-authored a picture book with the NunatuKavut Community Council of Labrador to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the treaty of friendship signed by the Southern Labrador Inuit and the British government in 1765. She lives in St. John’s.

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