Snapshot of 2011 Winterset in Summer Festival

“Giller Voices”

2010 Giller finalists Sarah Selecky, Alexander MacLeod and winner Johanna Skibsrud will read from their novels. Ramona Dearing will lead the discussion on their novels.

Readers/Writers: Alexander MacLeod, “Light Lifting”, Biblioasis

Sarah Selecky, “This Cake is for the Party”,Thomas Allen Publishers. Johanna Skibsrud, “The. Sentimentalists”, Gaspereau Press (2009)

Host: Ramona Dearing

“BMO Winterset Award Voices”

This year’s finalists will read from their 2010 works, and Michael Enright will lead the discussion on various topics related to each of the novels.

Readers/Writers: Samuel Thomas Martin, “This Ramshackle Tabernacle”, Breakwater Books. Craig Francis Power, “Blood Relatives”, Pedlar Press. Russell Wangersky, “The Glass Harmonica”, Thomas Allen Publishers

Host: Michael Enright

“New and Lyrical Voices”

Lyrical Prelude: Andrew O’Brien and Sherman Downey will discuss and demonstrate their music with Jamie Fitzpatrick.

Patricia Parsons will introduce three new writers who will read from their work and participate in a discussion on how to get published, respond to the critics and market their books.

Musicians/Writers: Andrew O’Brien, Sherman Downey, Gerard Collins, “Moonlight Sketches”, Creative Book Publishing (2011). Kate Evans, “Where Old Ghosts Meet”, Breakwater Books (2010). Leslie Vyrenhoek, “Scrabble Lessons” (2009),and “Gulf” (2011) Oolichan Books

Host: Jamie Fitzpatrick and Patricia Parsons

“Salvage ACW Luncheon – St. Stephen’s Hall”

The Salvage Anglican Church Women (ACW) will be catering lunch at St. Stephen’s Hall after the Storytelling event. Guests will be able to purchase traditional food and local crafts. This is an independent event and there are no reservations.

“Storytelling in Salvage”

Historic St. Stephen’s Church will be the venue for a gathering of the province’s best contemporary storytellers.Fiddler John Gosse will accompany this event.

No ticket required but you are asked to make a “pay what you can” donation to the church

Musicians/Writers, Anita Best, Ford Elms, David Paddon

Host: Chris Brookes

“Festival Reception at Holy Cross Church Hall, Eastport”

Immediately following Winning Winterset Voices, the Festival Committee is pleased to invite all Winterset in Summer event audiences to attend a reception where they will have an opportunity to meet this year’s writers, artists, musicians and panel hosts.

“Voices of Winterset Award Winners”

Noreen Golfman will lead the Winterset Award Winners of the first 10 years in discussions about their work, how the Award affected their writing careers and informed their own writing practice.


Panel 1: Michael Winter (2000), Michael Crummey (2001), Jessica Grant (2009)

Panel 2:Joan Clark (2002 and 2005), Robert Mellin (2003), Ed Riche (2004), Randall Maggs (2008)

Host: Dr. Noreen Golfman

“Book Launch – John Guy”

Dr. Gordon Handcock and Dr. Ches Sanger, Co-editors of “John Guy of Bristol and Newfoundland: His Life Times and Legacy” will discuss their book, written by Dr. Alan F. Williams and published by Flanker Press.

The launch will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion and will run concurrently with the Legion’s Fish Dinner.

“Fish Supper at the Royal Canadian Legion”

The Royal Canadian Legion will be hosting its popular fish dinner. Three seatings: 4:00 p.m.; 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. This is an independent event. 


To commemorate its 10th anniversary the Festival commissioned Lisa Moore to adapt her internationally-acclaimed novel February for the stage. Today, in partnership with Rising Tide Theatre Company, we are pleased to present an exciting preview of this work. The performance will open with a short dialogue between Lisa and Michael Enright in which they will discuss the challenges and adventure of her adaptation of February. Rising Tide Theatre will then present a dramatized reading, with theatrical effects, of the newly-minted script. Following the performance, the audience will be able to interact with the actors and the playwright in a discussion on how the novel works as a play. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to gain insight into the process of going from “page” to “stage”.

Sponsors 2011


Outreach 2011

Winterset in Summer at Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park and Winterset in Summer are partnering on August 10th to hold a reading & writing session with children’s writer, Marion Quinton Brake of Gander. The session will be held at 10 a.m. at the activity centre in the park. In the afternoon Marion will hold a second session at 1:30 p.m. at the Eastport Kids’ Day Camp.

Marion was born in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, to a large family, being the middle child of 12. She continues to live there with her husband, Brian. They have two boys, Tim and Simon.

Marion worked over 20 years at James Paton Memorial Hospital, the last 14 years as library technician. She resigned in May 2007 to pursue her writing and other interests such as taking care of her horses, pets, and gardening. She has a diploma in library studies, gardening/landscaping, and animal sciences. Marion also feels strongly about environmental issues. She lives a very active lifestyle and is very creative. Dabbling in a little homebased business with compost and garden tea, horse rides, etc., her husband constantly tells her that she is a “make-work” project–make work for him, that is!

As a teenager Marion knew that one day she would want to write. It would be one way of expressing her creative side. She believes that things happen in your life when they are supposed to and when her father died unexpectedly, writing really helped her through that difficult time. She enjoys writing very much and plans on continuing even though she admits self-publishing to be very hard work.


A Horse Named Lady is a children’s picture book about a horse that is very unhappy living with her new owner, Mr Snipe. Mr Snipe is a grouchy old man who treats Lady poorly and makes her work very hard. She never has any time to relax and graze with the other horses. But this all changed the day she met Simon, a boy who loved horses and always wanted a horse of his own.

In the newly released sequel, Lady’s Big Surprise, it has been more than a year since Simon’s parents surprised him for his birthday with his first horse, “Lady”. Lady has been very happy and healthy and hardly ever thinks about her previous owner, Mr Snipe, who treated her poorly. She loves helping Simon with his chores and hanging out with his friends. One morning, however, Simon wakes up to a big surprise which could change everything.

Uncle Joe and Sally–It’s OK to be Different is a delightful fictional rabbit story that deals with verbal bullying in a light hearted way. It also shows the possible consequences of lying and losing your temper. Story lessons are included as well as activity suggestions. This book includes a “lucky” wooden rabbit ear, Good Deed Diary and Pledge which will surely help motivate children to living more caring and helpful lives. Upon completion of their Good Deed Diary, they can email for their own E-Congratulations Certificate to frame.

This story takes place in a pet shop in the small town of Trinity in Newfoundland and Labrador. Tim, who has recently moved to Trinity with his family, has taken quite a liking to two rabbits that look a little different. When he hears some of the visiting children ridiculing the rabbits he becomes angry. Mr. Anstey, the pet shop owner, who also overhears the comments, decides to take action.

Forthcoming publications

Lady & Magnum–Oh What Trouble!!: Most days were quite normal in Paunch. Nothing much out of the ordinary usually happened. Sundays were typically a quiet day, a day of rest. Simon and his friend Jeremy were planning to go fishing. That was before horses Lady and Magnum were seen galloping up the road. Simon could not believe the news when Jeremy’s brother, Zachary, ran to tell him. He had just put them out to graze about ten minutes previous while he cleaned the barn and was sure he hooked the latch. As crowds started to gather, a sense of panic and perhaps excitement could be felt. Simon needed to get them back safely and without anyone getting hurt. Fishing would have to wait!

Dave Paddon and Friends

On November 12, 2011, at 8:00 p.m., Winterset in Summer will sponsor a performance by David Paddon at the Beaches Heritage Centre in Eastport. David will give several recitations and will be joined by local musicians for an evening of exceptional entertainment. All proceeds for this event will go to the Beaches Heritage Centre.

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