Snapshot of 2009 Winterset in Summer Festival

“2009 Crafting Voices”

The writers cover three different time periods and points of view on the matter of Newfoundland joining the Canadian Confederation. Dohaney was born before Confederation and lived through the referendum battles of 1948. Johnston was born in the 1950s, less than a decade after Confederation, while Butler grew up in the post-Smallwood years in the 1970s and 1980s. They will read from one or more of their books that cover the Confederation period and engage in a discussion with Enright on the perspectives of writing about Newfoundland before and after Confederation and writing about Newfoundland living there and living in another province of Canada

Readers/Writers: Jonathan Butler – Return of the Native. Jean Dohaney – The Flannigans. Wayne Johnston – The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Host: Michael Enright

“2009 What if Voices – “Missed Opportunities for Newfoundland”

The writers have conducted research and written about three different periods when Newfoundland had an opportunity to become part of Canada: 1867-1869 (Gwyn), 1890s (Hiller) and 1909 (Roberts). They will discuss why Newfoundland did not enter the Canadian at those times and engage in a general discussion with Budgell on this subject.

Readers/Writers: Richard Gwyn,James Hiller, Edward Roberts

Host: Anne Budgell

“2009 Island Voices”

The writers will read from their work and engage in a discussion on how being from or descended from an island culture and now being part of a bigger political entity (Canada; United States) has affected their development as a writer and what they write about – the role that place has in their work.

Readers/Writers: Anthony de Sa – Barnacle Love (Azores Islands ). Christina Sunley – The Tricking of Freya (Iceland). Patrick Warner – Mole (Ireland)

Host: Barbara Doran

“2009 New Voices”

Three writers who published their first books in 2008 will read from their work and engage with Golfman in a discussion on how to get published, respond to the critics and flogging your book.

Readers/Writers: Elizabeth Murphy – An Imperfect Librarian. Judy Ricketts – The Badger Riot. Lee Stringer – Watching the Road. Kathleen Farthing – Murder in the Cove

Host: Noreen Golfman

“2009 CBC Weekend AM”

Join the host of CBC’s Weekend A.M. Angela Antle 7:00-9:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 8 at the Beaches Heritage Centre in Eastport for a writers’ breakfast. The radio show will feature live interviews with Winterset writers and guests, along with local entertainment.

Live from the Beaches Heritage Centre in Eastport

Host: Angela Antle

“2009 Winterset Voices”

This year’s finalists for the Winterset Award are proof of the great diversity of writing talent that exists in Newfoundland, but we are sure that host Michael Enright will weave that diversity into a cohesive and entertaining event, reflecting the common themes as well as differences to be found in these three books.

Readers/Writers: Randall Maggs – Night Work: the Sawchuk Poems. Sara Tilley – Skin Room. Marie Wadden – Where the Pavement Ends: Canada’s AboriginalRecovery Movement and the Urgent Need for Reconciliation

Host: Michael Enright

“2009 Book Launch”

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #41, Eastport, will provide an appropriate backdrop for the launch of a new book. “The Battle of the Atlantic” by Senator Bill Rompkey will be launched on Saturday, August 8 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

Readers/Writers: Senator Bill Rompkey

“2009 Dramatic Voices”

“Peter’s Other War” by Brian Downey. Inspired by Tom Cahill’s play “The Gallant Major”

Two of the most colourful and spell-binding leaders of their time, Joey Smallwood and Major Peter Cashin, battle it out for Newfoundland’s future on the floor of the National Convention. Will responsible government by returned as promised by Britan in 1934 or will the fiercely independent Newfoundland join Canada? Set amid the intriguing backdrop of a long held conspiracy theory that Britan and Canada were in cahoots with Joey to make sure that Britan was rid of us, and Canada, and not the United States, got us. Patriotic speeches, larger-than-life characters, a plot that Sherlock Holmes would love, and a chance to vote. It’s a grand old rally and a battle some say was never won.

Host: Rising Tide Theatre

“2009 Lyrical Voices”

A presentation of pro- and anti-Confederation songs from the 1860s and 1948.

Singers/Songwriters: Maureen Ennis, Shirley Montague, Mark Murphy, Kalem Mahoney

Host: Jamie Fitzpatrick

2009 Sponsors 

2009 Government of Canada

  • Department of Canadian Heritage
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2009 Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation
  • Newfoundland Labrador Arts Council

2009 Principal Sponsors

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2009 Festival Friends

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  • Barbara Ostroff & Brian Shell
  • Lisa Rae & Peter Pickersgill
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2009 Publishers & Agents

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2009 Festival Volunteers

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2009 Festival Donors

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