Snapshot of 2006 Winterset in Summer Festival

“2006 Young Voices”

First time writers read from their books and discuss their work from the inspiration stage to the finished product with host, Anne Major.

Readers/Writers: Janet McNaughton, Lisa Rae and Ian Wallace

Host: Anne Major

“2006 Battle of the Somme”

A discussion on “The Battle of the Somme” between author Sebastian Faulks and the Honourable Edward Roberts.

Readers/Writers: The Honourable Edward Roberts, Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, Sebastian Faulks

“2006 New Voices”

First time writers read from and discuss their new book with host Bill Rowe.

Readers/Writers: Catherine Hogan Safer, Leo Furey, Wilhelmina Fitzpatrick

Host:Bill Rowe

“2006 Beaumont Hamel”

Michael Enright hosts a panel discussion on the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. Authors read from their work on Beaumont Hamel.

Readers/Writers: Kevin Major, David Macfarlane, Joseph Boyden

Host: Michael Enright

“2006 No Man’s Land”

Rising Tide Theatre presents Kevin Major’s play “No Man’s Land”, adapted by Donna Butt. Introduction by Kevin Major.

Kevin Major’s play “No Man’s Land”

Host: Rising Tide Theatre

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