Snapshot of 2005 Winterset in Summer Festival

“2005 Voices from Away”

Authors discuss their books with the host.

Readers/Writers: Charlotte Gray, Patrick Kavanagh, Jane Urquhart

Host: Michael Enright

“2005 New Voices”

New authors discuss the publication of their first books with Bert Riggs.

Readers/Writers: Beth Ryan, Mark Callanan, Nicholas Wilkshire

Host: Bert Riggs

“2005 Mina Hubbard’s Labrador”

The panel of the three authors of “The Woman Who Mapped Labrador: Life and Expedition Diary of Mina Hubbard” discuss the book. A slide presentation by biographer Anne Hart is followed by a discussion of the very personal diary Hubbard kept in Labrador. The diary was edited by Roberta Buchanan and Bryan Greene.

Readers/Writers: Anne Hart, Roberta Buchanan, Bryan Green

Host: Ann Budgell

“2005 Young Voices”

The authors engage the young residents of the Eastport Peninsula and visitors in an informal reading and sharing session.

Readers/Writers: Allison Baird, Susan Chalker Browne, Carmelita McGrath

“2005 Winterset Voices”

The 2002 Winterset award finalist, Wayne Johnston, joins the 2004 finalists Roman Dearing, Joel Hynes, and Edward Riche in a discussion about their writing.

Readers/Writers: Wayne Johnston, Roma Dearing. Joel Hynes, Edward Riche

Host: Michael Enright

“2005 Salvage: the Story of a House”

Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland presents readings from Michael Crummey’s book of poetry “Salvage” in a special setting at Burden’s Point in the historic fishing community of Salvage.

“2005 Mina Hubbard’s Labrador”

The authors repeat their Saturday presentation at the Terra Nova National Park of Canada, Marine Interpretation Centre. The host for this event is Greg Stroud, Manager of Heritage Presentation and Visitor Services, Terra Nova National Park.

Readers/Writers: Roberta Buchanan, Bryan Greene, Anne Hart

Host: Greg Stroud

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