Snapshot of 2003 Winterset in Summer Festival

“2003 Winterset Writers Roundtable

Authors read and discuss their books with host, Mary Walsh, and the audience.

Readers/Writers: Joan Clarke – “The Word For Home”. Bernice Morgan – “Random Passage”. Ken Babstock – “Days into Flatspin”. Ed Kavanagh – “The Confessions of Nipper Mooney”

Host: Mary Walsh

“2003 Children & Youth Program”

A special program oriented to spark the imagination of youth.

Readers/Writers: Joan Clark – “Writing Yourself in Story”. Carmelita McGrawth – “Making a Picture Book”. Ed Kavanagh – “Adventures” (Writer in residence, TNNP)

“2003 Audubon in Labrador”

Michael Enright engages authors Katherine Govier and David Link in a discussion of their work.

Readers/Writers: Katherine Govier – “Creation: 1833 Visit to Labrador”, Davis Link – “Wilderness Palette: Birds of Canada”

Host: Michael Enright

“2003 Random Passage: from Book to Screen”

Michael Enright talks with Barbara Doran and Des Walsh about producing a literary work for the screen.

Readers/Writers: Barbara Doran – Producer. Des Walsh – Screen Writer

Host: Michael Enright

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