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Todd Boland - writer bio

Todd BolandA graduate from MUN with a MSc. in Biology, Todd is the research horticulturist at the Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden. Todd has written about and lectured on various aspects of horticulture and native plants internationally. He is a regular guest on CBC Gardening Crosstalk and VOWR’s “Garden Time”. He has written five photographic field guides on the wildflowers and woody plants of Atlantic Canada including ‘Wildflowers of Fogo Island and Change Islands’, ‘Trees and Shrubs of Newfoundland and Labrador’, ‘Trees and Shrubs of the Maritimes’, ‘Wildflowers of Nova Scotia’ and ‘Wildflowers of New Brunswick’. His sixth book, ‘Wildflowers and Ferns and Newfoundland’ was just recently released (this book will be released spring 2017 so I am not sure how or if you want to mention this).

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