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Bio Section

Susan MacDonald - writer bio

Susan MacDonaldI always wanted to be a writer but recognizing early that I wasn’t talented enough to do it full time, I entered into a career in medicine. Once my children were old enough to fend for themselves, I eased into writing by taking a course at MUN. My first writing teacher was Lisa Moore (yes, that Lisa Moore - so the bar was impossibly high) and Lisa was kindly supportive. WANL's mentorship program, supplied Ed Kavanagh to review an early manuscript of mine. He said “toss it” and write something better, so I did. The first editor to see my manuscript, Anna Marie Beckel, said I had a real novel hidden in the rough draft she saw. So I wrote it again. And it was published. That first book, Edge of Time, won an award in the USA and like the next in the trilogy, was shortlisted for an Atlantic Book award. The final book, Treason’s Edge, will be out next year.

It’s a start.

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