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Bio Section

Kenneth Tam - writer bio

Kenneth TamKenneth Tam was born in St. Johnís in 1984, and has lived all across Canada.

He is the author of more than thirty novels and more than fifteen novellas of science fiction and alternate history, across four series. Since 2004, he has been a frequent guest author at science fiction conventions from coast to coast, and has conducted and chaired numerous writing panels and workshops. He has also been fortunate to have titles featured prominently in Appleís iBookstore, and on some of Amazon.comís genre bestseller lists.

Kenneth takes particular pride in incorporating Newfoundland (whatever it may be called centuries into the future) into his fiction. His current alternate history series, Champions, operates out of a base near St. Johnís in the 1940s, while its predecessor series, His Majestyís New World, placed the Royal Newfoundland Regiment on another planet in 1919.

Outside of writing and publishing, Kennethís experience includes a research fellowship with Canadaís former Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, two years on staff for a federal Member of Parliament, and four years working in wealth management for one of Canadaís large financials. He is currently based in Edmonton, where he handles communications and strategy for a research institute at the University of Alberta.

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