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Winterset in Summer Literary Festival

Winterset in Summer Literary Festival

The Winterset in Summer Literary Festival began as a commemoration of the late Sandra Fraser Gwyn, the Newfoundland-born, award-winning author and journalist who, from 1974 on, spent her summers in Eastport. It was Sandra who coined the expressive phrase “flowers on a rock” in a Saturday Night Magazine article to describe the extraordinary renaissance of Newfoundland and Labrador arts and culture during the 1970s. Sandra contributed significantly to the success of that renaissance by promoting the work of our artists across Canada and the world. After Sandra’s early death in 2000, Eastport Peninsula residents Edythe Goodridge and Georgina Hedges suggested celebrating her contributions to the province and to this community by gathering here the finalists of the Winterset Award (now BMO Winterset Award) that Sandra’s husband Richard Gwyn had established to commemorate her. After the success of that first event—a key factor being the involvement of CBC Radio’s Michael Enright—Gwyn suggested expanding the event into a full-scale, annual, literary festival.
The program now includes drama, music and the visual arts, and has attracted such national and international stars as Sebastian Faulks, Michael Ondatjee, Margaret Atwood and Anne Enright. Unchanged over the now thirteen years is that the Festival is done entirely by volunteers, that its success depends upon generous contributions by local in¬dividuals and enterprises, that interviews with the writers by celebrity hosts have become a distinctive feature of the annual program, and that the BMO Winterset Award remains a key part of the program. And above all, the festival’s style, follow¬ing Sandra’s creed, is based on the conviction that the best way to achieve quality is good company, a good discussion, and a good party.

2015 Winterset Board of Directors
  1. 2014 - 2015 Winterset in Summer Inc. Board Members
  2. (The Board Term of Office runs from August 2014 to August 2015.)
  3. Randy Street, Chair
  4. Bert Riggs, Vice Chair, Programming
  5. Pat Parsons, Vice-Chair, Operations & Chair 2015 Program Committee
  6. Sheila Curran, Secretary
  7. Kathy Hodder, Treasurer
  8. Cris Carter, Chair, Marketing Committee
  9. Noreen Golfman, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
  10. Susan Sherk, Chair, Governance Committee
  11. Carol Bishop-Gwyn
  12. Jennifer Guy
  13. Ben Blackmore
  14. Eleanor Dawson

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